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Here are what some of my clients have to say about Pilates and the classes I teach:

  • Linda

    I’ve been going to Lynn’s Pilates classes for over three years. Before I started, I was worried that I might be too old (I’ll be 64 this year) but was pleased to find I wasn’t the oldest (or the most unfit!). I’ve never been able to find a group exercise class to suit me before but Pilates has been a great way to strengthen my core and make me more flexible, especially my back.

    The teaching is brilliant, the atmosphere in the classes is friendly and relaxed, not at all competitive. We share a laugh (and a groan!) and it’s been a good way to meet new people. I thoroughly recommend these classes and enjoy them so much that I come twice a week.

  • Jakki

    I started pilates with Lynn in the autumn of 2011 in order to gain some strength, suppleness and stamina following a year of medical treatment. The hour long sessions working on core and other muscle groups helped a great deal. I have continued since then, finding that the pace and the high level of instruction and friendliness from Lynn has stimulated not only an all-over ease of movement but a sense well being at the end of the session and beyond.

  • Megan

    I have been attending Lynn's pilates classes for over two years now. During that time I have become more aware of my posture during every day life and my flexibility has improved. The classes are always challenging but fun.

  • Samantha

    I really can't speak highly enough about Lynn Perry's Body Control Pilates Classes. In the two years I have been attending classes with Lynn, once a week, I have seen dramatic improvements in the strength of my body as well as in my mental well being. I still find it amazing to see the build up over time of small, but powerful, movements. My nearly life-long "hunched back" borne out of poor posture, has been largely straightened, my core strength noticeably improved and my painful chronic lower back problems kept mostly at bay.

    Lynn always puts you at your ease with her friendly, humourous personality, yet she's very professional. With the small class sizes Lynn gives everyone close attention, at every class, to ensure moves are performed correctly and to maximum effect. Lynn describes moves clearly and demonstrates, as necessary. Lynn always gives new starters the additional attention they require. Lynn tweaks moves to avoid attendees' known injuries and to adapt according to levels of experience.

    Each week Lynn provides a different and well-planned class which focuses on different areas of the body, always with warm up and cool down.

    No matter the state of mind I turn up to class I come out feeling radiant, positive, clear-headed and motivated! This feeling keeps me coming back for more each week!

    Lynn provides equipment including mats, balls, stretching elastic and head cushions.

    With the positive difference Lynn's Pilates classes have made to me I don't see myself ever voluntarily stopping!! I wholeheartedly recommend giving them a try! Thank you very much Lynn!

  • Sally

    I have been attending Lynn’s pilates classes for over 8 years. I usually hate exercise classes and have never managed to keep going for more than a few weeks before now. Pilates helps with my lower back and neck, and I now have a flatter stomach and can wear dresses! The real reason I keep going, however, is probably Lynn’s sense of humour and the relaxed atmosphere at her classes. If you make an idiot of yourself, no one cares.

  • Claire

    I have been regularly attending Lynn's Pilates classes for a couple of years, following frequent issues with back muscle tears. I have found that I have been able to strengthen my back through the classes and help myself to look after my back. I enjoy the classes, and especially like how free my back and shoulders feel at the end of the class.

    I would recommend Lynn's classes to anyone looking improve their core strength. Lynn is able to advise on how to get the best out of the class for your own specific needs, and how to alter exercises to compensate for any weaknesses you may have.

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