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About Me

My name is Lynn Perry and I have been teaching Pilates since 2009 having experienced significant personal benefit from practicing it myself after past injuries as a professional dressage rider were affecting me and making my life miserable. The improvement in my own body and reduction in the pain I had been enduring were the inspiration for me to train to be a teacher and I am now passionate about helping people unlock their bodies and get moving.

I am more aligned, my posture has improved, I am stronger from within, more flexible and also more toned. I feel more focused and able to concentrate better. Above all else Pilates has enabled me to continue my career as a professional dressage rider, producer and coach.

My body is so much better than 10 years ago and it is Pilates that has changed me.

I love teaching and am enthusiastic about enabling clients to improve their own well-being. Many of my clients have been attending and benefiting from my classes for over 11 years.

By combining my skills gained through the formal Body Control Pilates qualification with my teaching expertise having taught dressage all my life, I have a good eye for detail and lots of experience teaching which I use within my classes to make them easy to follow whilst spotting and helping you correct even minor alignment problems.

I still also teach dressage and produce and ride dressage horses and I run several classes that are particularly geared towards horse riders. I also offer rider alignment training on your own horses at First Choice Dressage - my dressage yard just outside of Stowmarket.


Body Control Pilates Teacher:

  • Intermediate Matwork
  • Pilates on the ball
  • Standing Pilates
  • Pilates for Equestrians
  • Adaptions for level 4 course
  • Movement for level 4 course

British Dressage UKCC level 3 Accredited Coach
British Horse Society Registered Instructor BHSII /BHS SM
First Aid at Work Certificate
Safeguarding and protecting children

My Training

It is really important that Pilates is practiced correctly to gain the best results and like with all sports to avoid injury. There are many 'Pilates' based exercise classes on offer however there are strict regulations to be an approved Pilates Instructor.

I trained with Body Control Pilates (BCP) Europe’s largest professional Pilates organisation. BCP offer the most comprehensive teacher training and ongoing courses for their teachers. Initial teacher training consists of 13 days of training at Body Control in London followed by a theory of Pilates and an anatomy exam. An assessment is then made of the trainee teacher’s own practice and only when this and the exams are passed are the trainees allowed to do a minimum of 50 hours of supervised teaching. Once they are signed off from supervised teaching as ready to progress a final teaching exam is undertaken. All Body Control Pilates Teachers are governed by a Code of Practice that relates to how they run their classes and work with clients. Adherence to the contents of this Code is a precondition for membership of The Body Control Pilates Association. Teachers also have to do CPD courses every year, hold a First Aid qualification and hold insurance to teach Pilates

Link to BCP for more info

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